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Aug 07 Gases used in welding and cutting processes include shielding gases such as carbon dioxide argon helium etc fuel gases such as acetylene propane butane etc oxygen used with fuel gases and also in small amounts in some shielding gas mixtures Gases produced from welding and cutting processes include Answers to Discussion Questions 1 What precautions does a welder need to take before using a gas metal arc or flux core arc welding outfit A n s w e r C o r rect protective clothing eye protection safety inspection of equipment Mechanical Engineering questions and answers Q 5 What is the principle of oxyfuel gas welding How is oxy acetylene welding different from oxy hydrogen welding Question Q 5 What is the principle of oxyfuel gas welding How is oxy acetylene welding different from oxy hydrogen welding What is the name covering all welding processes using oxygen and a fuel gas Oxyfuel welding What is the American Welding Society AWS abbreviation for oxyfuel welding The abbreviation for all oxyfuel welding processes those using oxygen and any fuel gas is OFW A particularly important member of the OFW process family is oxyacetylene welding Oxyfuel Gas Welding Gas welding utilizes the heat produced by a gas flame to melt the filler metal if used and the base metal thereby creating a weld Gas welding is one of the oldest and most versatile welding processes but in recent years it has become less popular in industrial applications Chapter 31 Oxyfuel Welding and Cutting Equipment Setup and Operation ANSWERS TO REVIEW QUESTIONS 1 What is the purpose of a pressure regulator To reduce pressure inside of cylinders to working pressure 2 it& 39 s the only gas with enough force to weld it& 39 s the only gas that burns hot enough for welding its the only gas that can be burned safety its the only gas stable enough for weldingQuestion I was just wondering what type of a weld is stronger Mig welding or Oxyfuel gas welding Answer If done right mig tig and stick welds will be pretty close in strength The area around the weld will probably be much stronger on the mig weld By gas welding I mean oxy acetylene welding Oxy fuel welding usually uses propane and as the name indicates oxygen to create the heat necessary to melt or to weld the metal In fact thanks to the oxygen you are able to even cut metals with the right torch and I mean thick plates of mild steel

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Destination page number Search scope Search Text Search scope Search TextIn most cases an electric welding process which will turn out good welds faster than the oxy acetylene torch If that is true why bother with oxy acetylene gas at all To paraphrase in the classic movie The Graduate where Mr McGuire advises to young Benjamin OXYFUEL CUTTING Oxyfuel Cutting has never been exclusively an oxy acetylene process Feb 10 Another type of welding is oxy acetylene welding Also known as oxy fuel welding oxy acetylene welding is a process that relies on the combustion of oxygen and a fuel gas typically acetylene You might hear this type of welding referred to as “gas welding ” Gas welding is used almost exclusively for welding thin metal sections Common and natural gases used for welding include Argon Carbon dioxide Oxygen and Helium Carbon dioxide is the most reactive gas prescribed for welding as it in inert gas available in the purest form You can easily spray the gas over the material to be welded as it will provide you pleasing and aesthetic appearance Oxyacetylene welding commonly referred to as gas welding is a process which relies on combustion of oxygen and acetylene When mixed together in correct proportions within a hand held torch or blowpipe a relatively hot flame is produced with a temperature of about 3 deg C Argon Ar Atmospheric contamination is prevented by using an externally applied shielding gas Figure 4 Gas metal arc welding process gas tungsten arc Gas tungsten arc welding commonly referred to as TIG welding GTAW tungsten inert gas is a process in which fusion welding is accomplished by the heat of an electric arc drawn between a non Welding is the process where the base metal is melted along with the filler material so that a homogeneous joint is formed This is seldom done with oxy acetylene Jan 10 Welding is a way of heating pieces of metal using electricity or a flame so that they melt and stick together There are many kinds of welding including arc welding resistance welding and gas welding One kind of welding that does not use an arc is Oxy fuel welding OFW sometimes called gas welding What are the 4 types of welding