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Automatic Rotary Weld System from Gullco International Inc

The Gullco KAT® Indexing System is typically used to automate single or multi head overlay/cladding welding operations hard surfacing etc The automatic routine drives a motorized device either the KAT® carriage or the motorized rack arm cycling back and forth between limit switches The magnetic moggy has a magnetic base that clings to the vertical member for out of position applications The Gullco MOGGY® friction drive travel carriage is designed to perform Horizontal Fillet Welding Lap Welding and Butt Welding It can be fitted with a Gullco Compact Oscillator to perform multi pass welding The Gullco Flex KAT® is used throughout the world to automate a wide variety of welding and cutting operations It is a rugged reliable precision travel carriage designed for use flexible track which enables it to operate on straight or curved surfaces along any plan Gullco more Welding Carriage Programmable Low Voltage The Gullco MOGGY® friction drive travel carriage is designed to perform Horizontal Fillet Welding Lap Welding and Butt Welding It can be fitted with a Gullco Compact Oscillator to perform multi pass welding These operations can be performed on horizontal fillets with a minimum radius of 39 in 1 meter and up to a 30º incline Read the case study profiling Gullco International& 39 s KAT oscillator for multi pass welding system for high quality cost effective and productive welding in shipbuilding Call for worldwide distribution The “B NC“ welding system Fig Produtech srl San Paolo d’Argon/Italy All power classes from to A are char 26 combines the strengths of two systems Hall 11 Booth H70 acterised by high flexibility as well as the on the one hand the proven “B “ weld ing control system for op Programmable Gullco International is a world‑renowned manufacturer of automated welding carriages welding tractors cutting carriages welding automation and accessories Tank construction contractors have turned to automated welding solutions to increase productivity improve weld quality and to meet the strict deadlines The ever growing shortage of skilled welders makes the adoption of welding and cutting automation a critical part of staying competitive in the global market 19 “moggy” chassis assembly breakdown reference part number gm 03 item part number description qty 1 gm 01 drive belt pulley 2 2 gk 1/8" Ø x 1" spring pin 2

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Gullco& 39 s Rigid KAT® carriage enables welding guns or cutting torches to operate with precise motion from start to finish regardless of the number of passes or the work pieces involved By adopting this automation great improvements to the quality efficiency and repeatability of the process are achieved GULLCO International Welding Carriages Cutting Carriages and Beveling Machines for Automated Welding Cutting Gullco International is a world renowned manufacturer of automatic welding carriages cutting carriages welding automation and accessories Gullco& 39 s weld automation equipment improves quality and increases welding productivity while Portable plate edge bevelling machine self propelled with adjustable bevel head Bevel angles 22 1/2° to 55° with bevelling speed IPM cm/min Produces clean machined bevels with no thermal distortion on mild steel stainless steel and aluminum plate from 1/4” 6 0 mm to 1 1/2” 38 1 mm thick The KBM 18 bevels the topside of Heavy Duty MOGGY® for Submerged Arc and Mig Welding The versatility and reliability of the world famous Gullco MOGGY® trackless travel carriage system and a variety of quality engineered components combine to provide a highly flexible self contained welding unit This Gullco unit is designed to produce precision quality Submerged Arc or MIG Stitch Weld MOGGY® GM 03 Welding automation carriage control for stitch or continuous welding and with a control that uses a Gullco microprocessor to provide accurate repeatability regardless of travel speeds for weld distance on and weld distance off All Gullco International catalogs and technical brochures Self centering welding gripper 2 Pages Submerged arc welding carriage sam® 2 Pages electronic seam tracking system KAT® 4 Pages trackless welding carriage moggy® Gullco International Welding Equipment offers you the finest welding carriages for cutting and welding automation featuring the popular KAT systems With Travel carriages gouging machines welding and cutting operations you are guaranteed to find what you need from the trusted leader in welding automation Revised May 2 GD KBM ® 18U INVERTED PORTABLE PLATE EDGE BEVELLING MACHINE Adjustable bevel head produces bevel angles from 22 5º through 55º Supplied with angle bevel pin for 30º Other bevel angle pins are available upon request NOTE Machine shipped with the 30º bevel pin in place PARTS LIST & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSGullco will custom design a gantry/bridge unit to meet your specific requirements A wide variety of custom design features and efficient high quality Gullco systems and components provide cost effective reliable solutions for your welding/cutting needs

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Underside Plate Beveller Pipe KAT® – Features Automated Carbon Arc Gouging Automated Cutting System MOGGY® Trackless Automation Carriage Oxy Fuel Cutting Automation Weld Overlay System Plasma Cutting Automation Apr 16 H& M BMH Heavy Duty Motorized Beveling Machine Head call for availability and pricing H& M Pipe Beveling H& M No 0 2" to 4" Pipe Saddle Type Pipe Beveler call for availability and pricing H& M Pipe Beveling H& M 30 pipe beveler call for availability and pricing H& M Pipe Beveling H& M 3 12" to 20" Pipe Saddle Type Pipe Gullco MOGGY Standard Carriage Model GM 03 Automated welding carriage Speed Range IPM cm/min Max Incline 30 degrees Gun Positioning Slides 1 ¾” Vertical and Horizontal Stroke Drive Wheel Temp Range 65 degrees to degrees F Hypertherm Bug O Linde Gullco Koike Victor and Cypress products are also available Want to increase your profits and the efficiency of your shop Purchase a pipe cutting machine today! Call Weld Plus – your trusted source for welding resources helpful support and high performance products for all your welding needs !The GULLCO® KAT® automation carriage is the major component of an automated system designed to improve welding and cutting applications by increasing quality and reducing the cost of operations by increasing productivity Gullco International was formed in to serve the demands of the emerging welding industry in North America Gullco is a family owned company with its world headquarters located in Newmarket Ontario Canada Gullco International serves the entire world market through its companies in Canada United States UnitedGullco 20 lb Capacity Welding Rod Oven V or V AC With Thermostat Regular price Gullco 50 lb Capacity Welding Rod Oven With Thermostat Regular price Gullco lb Capacity Welding Rod Oven Regular price 1 A lightweight rugged and portable solution for electrode stabilizing This handy portable oven only mm high and mm in diameter gives fast access to up to of stabilized rods in the shop or in the fieldGullco International products provide automated high speed quality production processes to improve accuracy uniformity and reliability for multitude of applications Skip to Content CAN