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Gullco GOV Special Welding Applications Manufacturer Gullco High Temperature Flux Holding Oven kg Capacity ° F 38 ° C Watts v 3ph GOV FDHT 50/60hz mains supply watts 11 New in never used Package Includes 6 month warrantyThe MOGGY® carriage also provided interface betweenthe welding and cutting motion and the arc start and stop signals The automation carriage is normally guided by adjustable guide wheels which are set to always drive the carriage slightly into the vertical member usually either the vertical member of a filler joint or a template/fence placed The Gullco Flex carriage is used throughout the world to automate and improve the quality and efficiency of single or multiple " head" welding/cutting operations It is a rugged reliable precision travel carriage designed for use flexible track which enables it to operate on straight or curved surfaces along any plane Gullco International offers you the finest welding carriages for cutting and welding automation featuring our popular KAT systems Travel carriages gouging machines welding and cutting operations you are guaranteed to find what you need from the trusted leader in welding automation The Gullco MOGGY® friction drive travel carriage is designed to perform Horizontal Fillet Welding Lap Welding and Butt Welding It can be fitted with a Gullco Compact Oscillator to perform multi pass welding These operations can be performed on horizontal fillets with a minimum radius of 39 in 1 meter and up to a 30º incline Gullco International a Canadian company who specialise in the finest welding carriages for cutting and welding automation Gullco products provide automated high speed quality production processes to improve welding accuracy uniformity and reliability for multitude of applications ABOUT GULLCO INTERNATIONAL Ontario Canada Gullco International was formed in to serve the demands of the emerging welding industry in North America Gullco is a family owned company with its world headquarters located in Newmarket Ontario Canada Gullco International serves the entire world market through its companies in Canada The versatility and reliability of the world famous Gullco MOGGY®trackless travel carriage system and a variety of quality engineered components combine to provide a highly flexible self contained welding unit This Gullco unit is designed to produce precision quality Submerged Arc or MIG welds SAM®Carriage Model GM 02 – Friction Call us today! 1 / 4 River Road Cincinnati Ohio

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Safety is assured by using Gullco low voltage 24 volt DC highly advanced control power supply system that is available in 3 line voltage inputs 42 and volt AC 50/60 ckless Magnetic MOGGY® Trackless Welding Travel Carriage" low cost highly efficient automation of out of position fillet lap and butt welding applications" This This ensures smooth carriage motion and maximizes the life of the track TORCH HOLDER MEMORY The torch holder has been designed for quick and easy removal of the torch so that cleaning and accurate repositioning of the welding torch in the optimal position is simple and consistent Make Gas and Supply your supplier for industrial welding safety tools MRO supplies and more We are also a leading distributor of industrial and medical gases The Gullco KAT® Indexing System is typically used to automate single or multi head overlay/cladding welding operations hard surfacing etc The automatic routine drives a motorized device either the KAT® carriage or the motorized rack arm cycling back and forth between limit switches CLICK THE PRODUCT PICTURE TO VIEW PRODUCT VIDEO OR VISIT OUR YOUTUBE PAGE FOR MORE VIDEOS Automated Weld Carriage Automated Weld Oscillator Ceramic Weld Backing Tape Automated Plate Beveller Underside Plate Beveller Pipe KAT® – Features Automated Carbon Arc Gouging Gullco developed and patented the KAT® welding and cutting automation carriage This Carriage has since become world renowned as the most durable and versatile automation carriage on the market Along with its accessories it enables virtually any semi automatic welding process to be automated at a fraction of the cost of specially welding and cutting carriage kat® for rigid & semi rigid trackThe adjustable wheel assembly keeps the carriage snug to the track while allowing it to be easily mounted and removed from the track at any point The positive drive of the KAT® is obtained from a uniquely designed rack and pinion system driven by a low voltage permanent magnet motor and gear head power unit assembly Login / Register Welcome GAWDA members to the new login page This page will give you access to GAWDA services including Membership Renewal GAWDA membership runs from January 1st December 31st Renewals are being accepted through February 29th After that date unless your membership is renewed your company& 39 s benefits will be concluded