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Where is Bug O welding in Floresville TX

Bug O equipment quickly increases production and quality Money is saved with reduced material handling A better work environment is created for welders and operators Increased Operator Safety Reduce operator fatigue Short Learning Curve Operators control speed direction and torch angle for their cutting or welding with basic machine controls Bugo® Automation Equipment Check up to five results to perform an action larger image Suttton Garten is an authorized Bugo® distributor and can furnish parts for all equipment Download PDF Download PDF Printable Page The Bug O Zipper Welder is designed to weld vertical seams on field storage tanks The system is composed of two standard components box rail assembly with carriage and the Modular Drive tractor Automatic Height Control – The BUG Retrofit CAS HALL Effect for BUG TO BUG allows your Universal Bug O Matic to have Automated Height Control AHC features The AHC controls the welding tip to work distance and maintains a constant weld current or uniform weld penetration Bug O Systems is committed to empowering our customers by providing operator controlled mechanized solutions for their welding cutting and custom applications Get in touch with the contact form below The Universal Bug O Matic BUG BUG and BUG is a compact unit which combines a powerful drive and precision oscillator all in one housing The unit is lightweight and can easily be handled by one operator The machine works in all positions and can be used for vertical and overhead welds Get in touch for more information on mechanized cutting & welding or to receive a free quote Bug O Systems& 39 products are sold through distribution This is a complete listing worldwide of the distributors for Bug O Systems products COEUR DALENE ID U S A A L COMPRESSED GASES INC EAST TRENT AVE SPOKANE WA U S A RJ Nevers [email protected] A L SIERRA WELDING PRODUCTS HWY 50 EAST CARSON CITY NV