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Measurement of Arc Welding Parameters TWI

Most companies offer their manuals online The following basic guidelines are for MIG welding steel with solid wire Aluminum and flux cored welding require separate discussion Joint design position and other factors affect results and settings When good results are achieved record the parameters 1 Material thickness determines amperage This welding and fabrication inspection test plan template was created in and is powered by Dashpivot Download print or send your welding/fabrication ITP& 39 s as excel or PDF documents with your logo and colours Access and complete your inspection test plan on computer mobile or tablet when online or offline The protrusion of weld metal beyond the weld toe or weld root Travel speed too slow Welding electrodes too large for the parameters or position Slag Inclusion A discontinuity consisting of slag entrapped in weld metal or at the weld interface Welds in joint too narrow a joint angle or initial joint gap In multipass welds improper beadA welding procedure data sheet WPDS is a document used in conjunction with a WPS detailing the welding parameters and ranges for welding a specific joint over a range of thicknesses and weld sizes as illustrated on the data sheet The following is the standard welding procedure data sheet form suggested by the CWB however other welding Mechanized Pipe Welding System from Bug O Bug O Systems is guided by honesty integrity and ethics in service to our customers and in all we do view of all monitored welding parameters and the sealed battery allows up to eight hours of monitoring time between charge cycles Welding data is recorded on a dedicated 4GB removable memory stick allowing integration of stored data into to Excel report spread sheet reports on an external PC The reporting softwareBrowse suggested weld parameter settings for Stick Welding TIG Welding MIG Solid Wire Welding and MIG Flux Core Welding •Process Parameters •Volts Amps Travel Speed •Travel Direction •Polarity •Wire Welding Transfer Mode •Globular Spray Short Circuit Plasma •Flux Core or Shielding Gas •Number of Passes •Number of Welders •Electrodes Size Group Number = 1 2 3 etc AWS Specification = A5 1 A5 5 etc Nov 30 Welder parameter sheet 1 WELDING PROCEDURE SPECIFICATION & WELDER QUALIFICATION PROCEDURE / WELDER PARAMETER RECORD SHEET APPENDIX – 4 Document number PDRP PR Report No Contract No / Date of Test Contract / Page Page 1 of 2 ` Client INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED Consultant /TPIA FOSTER WHEELER Stamp No /ID No WQT WPS No PDRP

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Bug O Systems Empowering People to Transform the Welding and Cutting Industry Bug O Systems is a Family Owned business founded in The company has grown and evolved to become an Industry Leader in the design manufacture and application of portable mechanization products for the cutting and welding industry Jun 26 Fig 4 – FCAW WPS Form Custom Made to replace ASME Template The increased WPS development time can be minimized by making your own templates that are customized for each welding process used 4 0 Welding Procedure Data Sheet WPDS A welding procedure data sheet WPDS is a document used in conjunction with a WPS detailing the welding parameters and ranges for welding a specific joint over a range of thicknesses and weld sizes as illustrated on the data sheet WELDING PROCEDURE DATA SHEET No F3 F P File No 3EE35C7C Prepared by Skarborn Engineering Ltd Date March 19 Name of Company IMAGINATION WELDING INC AWS D1 3 Structural Welding Code Sheet Steel Includes the following forms WPS PQR PQR Test Results WQTR Read More AWS D1 5 Bridge Welding Code Bug O equipment quickly increases production and quality Money is saved with reduced material handling A better work environment is created for welders and operators Increased Operator Safety Reduce operator fatigue Short Learning Curve Operators control speed direction and torch angle for their cutting or welding with basic machine controls The KBUG is a compact portable welding unit with an integrated pendulum weaver for all position welding Mounted to BUG O Systems Hi Flex rail and attached to the work surface with magnets or vacuum cups and pump system in any position Regulated travel speed without starting and stopping the welding process will eliminate excessive weldBUG O ALL TIME GIRTH WELDER Bug O Systems offers the Automatic Girth Welder for tank fabrication applications Unlike current girth welders on the market the BGW Bug O Girth Welder Series comes standard with a Dual Drive System This self propelled submerged arc welding system can reduce field storage tank welding time up to 40% WeldAutomated Welding and Cutting with Bug O System& 39 s Modular Drive System Featuring MDS Linear Weaver Pendulum Weaver Shape Machine Stitch Welder and Cuttin