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Steelmax continuously innovates their cutting and welding technologies to remain the leader in this industry The company was founded in and offered the highest quality metal cutting saws and magnetic drilling machines Since the company has expanded its product line with many more welding automation solutions absorbed into applied unit rates The installed unit rate per ton on a ton project will cost less than the installed unit rate per ton on a 50 ton project Geographical Location Regional differences in materials labor and equipment can all have an impact on overall costs ForGlass and Acrylic Sheets 53 items found Select 2 or more products for side by side feature comparison Online Only! Ace Rewards Members save 10% off Select Items with code JUL14 Select 2 or more products for side by side feature comparison Online Only! Ace Rewards Members save 10% off Select Items with code STEELMAX is a direct distributor of wide range structural steel products being used for Steel Framing Pile Driving Warehouse High Rise Construction and more In addition to this wide selection we also offer the following services INQUIRE NOW! Professional Steelmax Sales Rep is on stand by and waiting for your CHAT Steelmax offers state of the art solutions for portable cutting and welding automation Steelmax welding and cutting automation solutions are helping steel fabricators large and small improve quality and efficiency making them more competitive in their markets Aug 06 The QWPA Quick Weld Productivity Analyzer is an easy to use calculator for total weld cost analysis of your welding production This tool can help you see the cost impact of different aspects of your production including increasing deposition rate and arc time/operating factors CURRENT 7/02/ cwt Steel Pricing Weekly Average Charts updated every Friday to reflect Thursday’s price index Historical Averages From January – Prese nt Hot Rolled Coil Midwest bolt 5/8in x 2in carriage hot dip galv bolt carriage hot dipped galvanized full thread with square nut 5/8in x 2in per package material manf part manufacturer name bc62 f hughes brothers 25 ea guard 1 1/2in dia max tree split poly guard tree polyethylene split tubing 6 foot in length minimum diameter n maximumMost welding shops charge an hourly rate for services particularly if they& 39 re doing straightforward jobs or pipeline work However some professionals charge by the square foot For example the Texas based welder charges per square foot for front entry doors made out of steel

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TRACK WELDING CARRIAGE FROM STEELMAX ® Rail Runner Technical Specifications Part Number SM WC RR with oscillation SM WC RR WO without oscillation Power Supply – Dual Voltage V / 50 60 Hz Power W 13 HP Welding Horizontal PA flat PB horizontal vertical PC horiz Positions Vertical PF vertical up PG vertical down In weld cost calculations this overhead is an unnecessary distraction to the real world weld cost h an overhead of 20 / hr plus 3 / hr for wire and hr for weld gas the total hourly cost per MIG welder is 24 hour Producing 24 parts an hour the weld cost per part is a 1 Steelmax is one of the country’s reliable source of quality steels used for industrial and commercial projects aiming to get every client’s requirements and expectation right Call STEELMAX at or today to schedule an appointment or to discuss your specifications Angle Bars Deformed Bars DSB RSB The Steelmax® Arc Runner is a portable programmable welding carriage designed to produce consistent high quality welds The powerful magnetic base and clos Final Cost Total cost per meter of weld /m Filler cost per meter of weld /m Flux cost per meter of weld /m Gas cost per meter of weld /m Labor cost per meter of weld /m Shift Productivity kg welded in 8 hr OUTPUT FOR Process 2Once the total cost for each task is determined these are totaled as the total subcontractor cost which then is marked up by the general contractor mark ups The total cost of these connections is then backed into the weight of the total steel as a percentage or to the GFA as a square foot cost The table below lists the prices of some of the materials used in common welding projects to help you understand where the costs for materials come from Material Average Cost 14 gauge steel 44 to per 25 foot stick of 2x6 steel Flux/gas 40 to 50 per bottle Wire 40 per 30 pound roll 54 products Welding supplies facilitate welding processes by supporting and stabilizing workpieces preventing welding torches from overheating sealing off pipe sections and more They& 39 re commonly used to supply industrial welding operations such as manual automated and machine welding Magnetic welding squares hold workpieces in place Cost of Steel Beams Per Foot Installing steel beams costs to per foot This includes labor and materials for the installation but not additional services such as removing a wall Here are some of the additional costs you might encounter The cost to remove a load bearing wall runs from 1 10

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Freight charges must be included in cost of goods Materials must be new and unused Unless specifically requested by the City accompanying vendor quotes will not be reviewed Submittals are accepted by e mail facsimile or mail The City accepts no responsibility for transmission errors Submittals may be e mailed to the time required by hand welding The regulated travel speed creates weld bead geometry which is exact to your specifications reducing costly over welding and decreasing filler metal usage by as much as 60% Li’l Runner will produce quality welds faster and with less cost than hand welding At just over 17 lbs 8 Kg this compact Explore our high quality Cutting and welding Carriages Collection such as Torch Runner Track Cutting Machine Rail Runner Welding Carriage Arc Runner Welding Carriage & much more!A complete line of magnetic squares magnetic tab alignment tools adjustable magnetic V pads 2 axis angle clamps corner magnets mechanical & oil filled levels & angle finders Quality tools that alow you to create accurate fit ups quickly safely and efficiently Displaying 1 to 24 of 37 products Now Increase your production and reduce your welding costs with our Li’l Runner Automatic Fillet Welding Carriage Hurry up Check out our Steelmax collection According to the Texas based welder mentioned above steel is the most affordable Aluminum and stainless steel cost 1 5 2x more than standard steel Additionally every time the cost of steel fluctuates the overall cost of welding does as well Home of Steelmax Tools& 39 Collection of Cutting & Welding Automation Pipe & Plate Beveling Magnetic Drills & Hole Punching Machines Metal Cutting Saws & more Our foremost goal is to develop and bring cutting edge steel fabrication solutions to our customers and help them become more productive competitive and profitable Sized for small parts and tight spaces these clamps have a pivoting pad at each end to hold workpieces at any angle up to ° Two 2 1/4 " Lg × 1" Wd Clamps with 14 lbs Max Magnetic Pull Two 2 1/2 " Lg × 1 1/2 " Wd Clamps with 18 lbs Max Magnetic Pull Aug 26 Additionally every time the cost of steel fluctuates the overall cost of welding does as well For example the Texas based welder typically charges 44–50 for one 25 foot stick of 2x6 14 gauge steel However that price has fluctuated as high as per stick during a recession and as a result he had to charge more