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steelmax vs koike welding carriage parts diagram

Compact Welding Carriage for Continuous Welding Koike

Find your welding carriage easily amongst the 56 products from the leading brands ESAB FRONIUS on DirectIndustry the industry specialist for your professional purchases Steelmax offers state of the art solutions for portable cutting and welding automation Steelmax welding and cutting automation solutions are helping steel fabricators large and small improve quality and efficiency making them more competitive in their markets 4 Earth conductor and welding earth cable 1 Properly connect the earth conductor on the positioner main unit labeled with a sticker 2 Directly attach the welding earth cable for the welding machine power supply to the welding earth cable connector on the leg of the positioner and secure it with a bolt M8 bolt Welding earth cableCompact Welding Carriage for Semi Automated Welding A high performance welding carriage that is equipped with a powerful drive motor and is available with diversifying application of welding carriage Due to the newly developed gearbox the durability of the series best driving system has been secured Features and BenefitsKoike Aronson / Ransome manufactures a complete line of column and boom welding manipulators which maximize both safety and production with load capacities ranging from lb to 3 lb on each end of the boom KOIKE Cutting and Welding Machine likes 4 talking about this We Koike Sanso Kogyo co ltd Japanese company Our company supply various types of machine for cutting and weldingPortable welding machines assist the professional welder in maintaining a safe and high quality weld Sometimes referred to as semi automation the portable welding carriages make welding easier for the welder because the torch is taken out of the welder& 39 s hand and moved along in a controlled manner This allows the welder to concentrate on the The Rail Runner Welding Carriage is a track carriage designed for establishing groove and fillet welds with or without oscillation using MIG/MAG welding torc Vertical Plate Welding Carriage This machine has been replaced with the Wel Handy Multi NEXT The Wel Twin is designed to weld both sides of a structure at the same time Common uses are for ship building trailer building and I beam fabrication The carriage is magnetically attached from both sides of the plate

Arc Runner Portable & Programmable Welding Carriage

WEL HANDY MULTI Multi Purpose Mechanized Welding Carriage Feature & Benefits Two Models Available Standard and Programmable Stitch/Tack Multi Weld Process Standard and Programmable Stitch/Tack Multiple Welding Options Twin Torch Weaver/ Oscillator Corner Welding Horizontal and Vertical Use Base machines can be used for out of position welds Light Weight at 7kgs 15lbs Makes transport and 54 products Welding supplies facilitate welding processes by supporting and stabilizing workpieces preventing welding torches from overheating sealing off pipe sections and more They& 39 re commonly used to supply industrial welding operations such as manual automated and machine welding Magnetic welding squares hold workpieces in place Explore our high quality Cutting and welding Carriages Collection such as Torch Runner Track Cutting Machine Rail Runner Welding Carriage Arc Runner Welding Carriage & much more!The stand alone Welding Oscillator & Mini Manipulator from Steelmax is a lightweight compact weld weaver providing you with full control of oscillation speed and width as well as right and left dwell times Now Increase your production and reduce your welding costs with our Li’l Runner Automatic Fillet Welding Carriage Hurry up Check out our Steelmax collection Utilizing the same 1 D Rail straight rail for KOIKE’s popular gas cutting machine " IK 72T" a different model of rail traverse type welding carriage is newly added to KOIKE’s lineup The same High performance Controller as Wel handy Multi Ⅱ series is equipped Useful for vertical up welding 1 D Rail for IK 72T Many of our current customers often find many benefits to semi automated welding with a KOIKE portable machine Often they are looking to improve quality and productivity however sometimes the cost savings can be overlooked which can amount to thousands of dollars every month Operators can manually bevel pipes to create fittings that are already prepped for welding The machine has two options for the length of the machine bed 15 and 25 feet Each foot of the machine has a maximum weight capacity of lbs with a total maximum weight capacity of 1 lbs 3 Common steel electrodes Refer to Diagram 8 Recommended Stick Electrodes 4 Penetration DCEN Least penetration AC medium can be more spatter also DCEP most penetration 5 When welding a fillet the leg of the weld should be equal to the thickness of the parts welded Refer to Diagram 10 Recommended Fillet Weld Thickness

Koike MagWheel Robotic Welding Integration Magswitch Technology

Electrode Ovens It is said that you can dry arc welding rods at degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius for two hours But check with your electrode manufacturer to be sure it& 39 s suitable for your particular rod As described in our Arc Welding Tutorial a poor mans dry storage area is an old refrigerator Wel Handy Multi Highly Productive Semi Automated Compact Welding Carriage This machine has been replaced by the Wel Handy Multi NEXT Light compact all wheel drive magnetic force traction and a low center of gravity allows the Wel Handy Multi to achieve the highest pulling power and stability in the marketplace today Makes transport and set up easier Pulling Power of 30kgs 66lbs Provides stable welding even under heavy loads No Track Required Eliminates cost and time to set up rails Limit Switches on Carriage Ends Automatically stops machine and weld at predetermined stop point Horizontal or Vertical Use Weld in flat or vertical up position Steelmax offers state of the art solutions for portable cutting and welding automation Our lightweight welding and cutting carriages deliver precise high quality results reducing costs associated with defects and rework filler metal waste and manual labor Home of Steelmax Tools& 39 Collection of Cutting & Welding Automation Pipe & Plate Beveling Magnetic Drills & Hole Punching Machines Metal Cutting Saws & more Our foremost goal is to develop and bring cutting edge steel fabrication solutions to our customers and help them become more productive competitive and profitable Aug 05 Stick welding equipment is the simplest of all the electrical arc welding processes A Stick Welder has four parts A constant voltage CV power supply/Stick Welder Electrode holder/rod holder Ground clamp Stick welding electrodes/rods to weld with Stick welder power supply with the electrode holder ground clamp and welding electrodes The WEL HANDY MINI STRONG is a compact welding carriage designed to perform horizontal vertical and overhang welding 35kg strong magnet and 16kg traction PORTABLE WELDING CARRIAGE Fa Fr rerin n uer erie r reue eile ru inrin r enrin ie n Bug O machines are held in place with powerful magnets for ferrous applications or vacuum cups for non ferrous applications Material handling costs are greatly reduced due to Bug O’s portability Work In All Positions Whether flat horizontal vertical or overhead our machines allow you to work in any position required for your application