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Acetylene cylinders are special Acetylene becomes unstable and can explode under a slight shock when its pressure is above kPa 1 kilo Pascal = Newton per m 2 or about 29 4 psi Therefore safety regulations prohibit its use at a pressure of kPa 15 psi or higher • Do not open acetylene cylinder valves more than 1 turn 1/4 to 1/3 is usually enough • Turn pressures into gauges gradually More “Hot Tips” •Always use an approved friction striker never use matches or a cigarette lighter • Check pressures carefully – Welding 5 psi Acet/5 psi Oxy – Cutting 5 psi Acet/20 psi OxyAug 19 In the incident below is highlighted the importance of the proper care of cutting and welding equipment The Incident An opertor has noted a number of incidents resulting in fires caused by perished hoses and flashbacks involving oxyacetylene cutting equipment and has shared the following information with IMCA for use as part of a safety flash OBJECTIVE Identify and use the safety practices that should be observed when welding with oxyacetylene gas MATERIALS Oxygen cylinder acetylene cylinder regulator valves torch welding tips goggles friction lighter tip cleaner personal safety equipment KEY POINTS AND SUPPORTING INFORMATIONVideo for my high school students to follow as they learn the process of using the Oxy Acetylene /oxy acetylene welding 10 SÜA Medium Duty Oxy Fuel Torch with Check Valves Cutting Heating and Welding Tips Acetylene Compatible with Victor 4 1 out of 5 stars 85 00 5 1 Safety procedures when working with oxyacetylene welding equipment • Wear personal protective equipment Wear welding gloves helmet leather apron welding chaps leather boots welding goggles and other personal protective equipment to help prevent weld burns and injury Make sure the welding goggles or face shield haveAcetylene is used as fuel for oxy cutting and oxy welding When mixed with oxygen it& 39 s the most effective gas to form a flame hot enough to cut and weld most metals with ease It& 39 s more expensive than some other fuel types but it& 39 s the best type of fuel to use Below is a collection of Victor torch & cylinder safety videos for your reference These and additional Victor informational videos can also be found on the Victor channel

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Safe procedures for the Closing Down of the Welding Unit The objective of this program is to highlight the importance of operating Oxy acetylene equipment safely as well as to demonstrate the correct and safe way to perform some of the most common welds ALLY Tools Professional Large and Small 13 Wire Oxy Acetylene Tip Cleaner Set for Cleaning Welding Cutting Nozzles/Tips Gas Orifices Engine Carburetors Sprinklers and Shower Heads 4 5 out of 5 stars Instructional welding videos for industry and education Oxy acetylene welding is not only an excellent method of joining thinner gauge metals it& 39 s also the best " first step" to understanding the fundamentals of welding that makes more modern processes like stick tig mig and flux core easier to learn welding arc and re lighting from hot work is prohibited These are some simple reminders of oxy fuel gas cutting safety These words alone will not protect you from the hazards associated with this task You must make the conscious decision to inspect and then use this type of equipment correctly – every time Sample Video Transcript Below is a transcript of the video sample provided for this module An oxyacetylene torch is made up of •Torch body or handle •Two separate gas feed tubes through the handle connected to the hoses •Control valves for each gas line •Mixing chamber •Head tube •Welding tip The flow of oxygen and fuel gas is controlled at the valves on the handle of the Subsequently one may also ask what is the maximum safe working pressure of acetylene Acetylene Regulator Maximum Pressure Acetylene line pressure that exceeds 15 psig is extremely DANGEROUS Acetylene gas can become unstable and violently decompose when more than 15 pounds of pressure is used so it is imperative that pressure never exceed 15 psig when working with university equipment ABN Oxygen Acetylene Hose 1/4 Inch B Fittings Twin Welding Hose Oxy Acetylene Torch Hose Cutting Torch Hoses 25 Foot 4 5 out of 5 stars 29 99 Get it as soon as Mon Jun 28 FREE Shipping by Amazon The oxyacetylene process produces a high temperature flame over degrees C by the combustion of pure oxygen and acetylene It is the only gas mixture hot enough to melt steel other gases propane LPG or hydrogen can be used for lower melting point non ferrous metals for brazing and silver soldering and as a preheating/piercing gas for Oxy fuel Equipment Safety Guidelines Safety is a full time responsibility Accidents don& 39 t need to happen Always follow these basic safety rules when working with oxy fuel equipment Chain cylinders to prevent their falling over An oxygen cylinder with over 2 psi in it becomes a lethal projectile if it falls over and its cylinder valve