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walking the cup tig welding pipe root pass

Tig Welding Stainless Pipe / 2G Horizontal Root Pass Keyhole

Apr 11 Tips and Techniques for Mastering Cup Walking Before welding align the pieces of tube or pipe and tack them together with four to six 1 in long tacks depending on the size of the tube or pipe to prevent the pieces from shifting during welding Grind the tacks to a feathered edge to ensure solid tie in when welding the root pass On this weeks video we are returning to the basics of TIG Welding Walking the cup is the first thing we teach our TIG students Wrapping your head around wh Aug 26 That completes 50% of the pipe The next step is to feather out or initial start at 6 o& 39 clock and perform a restart and follow the same steps as the previous half of the pipe Depending on which half of the pipe you did you may have to switch to your non dominant hand to put in this weld I highly recommend learning how to weld with both hands Jul 17 That’s where it really excels you know for pipe welding But there are some round parts where it comes in handy too Let’s do it We’re gonna do flat parts first This is just a regular T joint a fill it weld The first pass you just wiggle it barely like this to keep that tungsten pointed right in the root pass As a welder in AWS and ASME code work SS nickel and Carbon steels Walking the cup for the root tends to be an easier technique provided that the tubes are in a horizontal position Oct 26 Walking the cup is a term related to TIG welding whereas any good TIG welder will use It is a term describing using a cup sized for the groove You would then place the cup directly on the bevels and weave This provides stability for the root hot pass and any filler passes where you can get the cup into the groove Dec 01 Tie in and weld start To start the root pass butt the filler rod against the tack weld and fuse it in place shown here Note that the tack is not ground or otherwise prepared Then step back 1/4 in and establish the weld puddle on the tack weld then move forward and bring the puddle through to where the filler rod is tacked and carry on root pass I watched a guy from Europe weld a pipe root pass with some metal core short circuit MIG transfer a few weeks ago He ran it using 1 hand downhill with the MIG gun nozzle riding the bevel It was very similar to walking a TIG torch Works good until spatter builds up to the point that the tip is shorted to the nozzle at which For groove welds the cup size is typically selected the same way for the root pass and hot pass but after that things change a bit For the last layers of weld on a cover pass the cup is actually being walked back and forth as if you were walking a 55 gal drum across the shop floor

Do you know how to walk the Cup in TIG welding

Tig welding a weave cover pass on pipe joint using a freehand tig welding technique There is a perception that tig welding to be a really precise but very slow welding process But it does not have to be slow In this video of a welder laying down a cap weave on a 6" pipe joint you might notice that he is running pretty hot and pretty fast 🔥SUBSCRIBE for NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY AND FRIDAY🔥 this episode Bob is teaching Mancub the basics of how to get through a TIG root Oct 01 On hot thin root passes where maximum root reinforcement has been achieved at the backside of the weld operators could continue to use a size six cup for the first fill pass while also maintaining the two point contact as with the initial root pass of the cup on either side of the groove Jul 28 TIG Root and Hot Pass 6 inch SCH 80 6G Pipe Steel Walking the cup TIG Root Pass Pushed in After Hot Pass Proper TIG Weld Open Root Weld Penetration Common Problems with Open Root TIG Welds When it comes to open root TIG welds there are some common problems but all of them are easy to fix When I first learned tig welding it was on 2" pipe and I freehanded and rested my pinky on the pipe to steady my hand Later I learned to walk the cup on bigger pipe But I do remember taking a welding test in a shop where the welding test inspectors were dead set against " cup walkers" Live • This page is all about walking the cup on 3" pipe The pipe is 3" carbon steel schedule 40 and the flange is stainless steel I like to freehand the root pass using a TIG finger because I use a forward and back technique a lot But after the root pass cup walking is often the best and quickest way to weld pipe Apr 14 2G TIG ROOT 2 INCH PIPE by Bob Moffatt Yep That& 39 s 2 inch Schedule 80 Today we& 39 re going to do horizontal2" schedule 80 root pass I have the standard bevel I& 39 ve cleaned & 39 em up I& 39 ve put just barely a whisper of a face on there and that was more to knock the burr off I& 39 ve tacked this in two spots When it comes to the techniques used for TIG welding an open root there are two ways to do it It comes down to where you learned to weld In America the southern states weld different then the northern states The northern states just lay the filler rod in the bevel and walk over it That’s me the Yankee!When walking the cup do not wash the root too far onto the sides of the bevel If you do you will get suck back or a concave root surface Once the weld is ready to tie into the next tack start to slow your travel speed down Approach the tack slowly while pressing the filler rod into the tack