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Koike Introduces Wel Twin for Twin Torch Welding

Two torches can automatically fillet weld for heavy welding work Suitable for heavy steel plate welding as two torches weld consistently while maintaining regular intervals Non contact limit switches equipped at the end of both sides of the machine and it helps to weld in both ways Specification Size L x W x H Makes transport and set up easier Pulling Power of 30kgs 66lbs Provides stable welding even under heavy loads No Track Required Eliminates cost and time to set up rails Limit Switches on Carriage Ends Automatically stops machine and weld at predetermined stop point Horizontal or Vertical Use Weld in flat or vertical up position Welding Table Fixture Pin 5/8" x 1 x Stop Alignment Square Quick Setup 4Pk shipping 23 sold Sumner ULTRA CLAMP 1" 2 1/2" Raymond R40TT Reach Forklift Manufacturer Raymond CES This used Raymond Electric Forklift has a capacity 4 lbs And is an electric forklift This used Raymond forklift has been reconditioned and is ready to go to work This used 4 lb is 9 Ontario CA USA Click to Contact Seller Jul 31 Koike Aronson Ransome a global provider of cutting welding and positioning equipment has released their latest portable welding carriage the Wel Handy Multi Next for semi automated welding This machine features an advanced multi function drive system that allows operators to perform various weld types with one machine The Wel Handy Multi The guidance systems are based on trackless and track type Tracks can be mounted by magnet or tack welded to the area Many weld carriages do not use track and rely on guidance wheels to keep the machine unit aligned with the root of the weld Other considerations are position length of the weld and the type of weld Sub Arc SAW butt weld being performed with a Koike Wel Handy Multi using a Lincoln K SAW gun Note that torch location could also be placed to the rea Jul 13 Koike Aronson Ransome a global provider of cutting welding and positioning equipment has released their latest portable welding carriage the Wel Handy Multi Next for semi automated welding This machine features an advanced multi function drive system that allows operators to perform various weld types with one machine The Wel Handy Multi NEXT welding carriage is a robust machine designed for heavy duty working environments The 8 8 kg lightweight aluminium die cast body is easy to handle The strong traction power from the 50 kg magnet provides stable movement to achieve high quality vertical welds

Koike Wel Handy Mini Portable Welding Carriage s/n

Compact Welding Carriage for Continuous Welding The Wel Handy Mini Strong is a compact welding carriage that was designed to go where most welding carriages could not With its 10 inch footprint and impressive pulling capacity of 77 lb it is sure to be found in some of the roughest welding terrain The initial feature of this unit is its Koike Aronson Inc P O Box Arcade New York Phone Fax C UBSeries C C C P30 Assembly positioners brake and hold workpieces in any position with the use of hydraulic disc brakes Utilizing the same 1 D Rail straight rail for KOIKE’s popular gas cutting machine " IK 72T" a different model of rail traverse type welding carriage is newly added to KOIKE’s lineup The same High performance Controller as Wel handy Multi Ⅱ series is equipped Useful for vertical up welding 1 D Rail for IK 72T Koike Aronson/Ransome cutting machines can be customized to fit most requirements and our welding and positioning equipment can be made to accept work pieces of nearly any size Our manufacturing area consists of a machine shop saw shop two assembly shops a burn shop and a weld shop Welding Manipulators are available with lift and reach lengths up to 30& 39 and can be customized for specific applications like simple straight line to circumferential welding The ram ends can be outfitted with small I D single or multiple arc welding heads for long seam and circumferential welding procedures WEL HANDY MULTI Multi Purpose Mechanized Welding Carriage Feature & Benefits Two Models Available Standard and Programmable Stitch/Tack Multi Weld Process Standard and Programmable Stitch/Tack Multiple Welding Options Twin Torch Weaver/ Oscillator Corner Welding Horizontal and Vertical Use Base machines can be used for out of position welds Light Weight at 7kgs 15lbs Makes transport and Vertical Plate Welding Carriage This machine has been replaced with the Wel Handy Multi NEXT The Wel Twin is designed to weld both sides of a structure at the same time Common uses are for ship building trailer building and I beam fabrication The carriage is magnetically attached from both sides of the plate Carriage ~ Branch 6 m Branch ~ Power 10 m Branch ~ Wire Feeder 0 5 m with matching Panasonic type Connector ※ Please consult when using welding machine other than Panasonic Welding Torch Straight WHM C S & S Curved A & A Torch Hold Diameter Straight Torch Holder φ20 mm Curved Torch Holder φ16~20 mm Diameter MoterOur Positioning line consists of equipment to be used throughout the welding or assembly process For those looking for equipment that will tilt rotate or position any part s or object s that weigh between to 1 million pounds whether it is a standard part or an awkward object KOIKE can customize it to fit your requirements

Portable Compact Welding Carriage for Semi Automated Koike

Aug 13 Koike Aronson Ransome has introduced the Wel Handy Multi Next portable welding carriage for semiautomated welding It features a multifunction drive system that allows operators to perform straight line stitch and weave welds with the same carriage Switching from continuous welding to stitch welding is as simple as a turn of the function dial We manufacture an extensive line of equipment that includes CNC Oxy fuel CNC Plasma Fiber Laser Waterjet cutting machines Welding Positioners Portable Cutting and Welding Carriages Our equipment can be used for welding and cutting various materials such as mild steel stainless steel aluminum armored plate etc The WEL HANDY MINI STRONG is a compact welding carriage designed to perform horizontal vertical and overhang welding 35kg strong magnet and 16kg traction Aug 03 To remove the apron I& 39 d remove the right leadscrew bearing first then the carriage two bolts on the front two or three under the back and slide the apron off the right side of the bed In my lathe 9A same apron the hardest part was getting the pin out which locks the nut/collar to the worm gear ©Mitrowski Welding Equipment Ltd College Ave South Houston Texas Fax R J Kates has several of these track and trackless carriage devices for cutting pipe and welding corners For more information on this featured pipe cutting track carriage and other track and trackless carriage devices please call R J Kates at Wel Handy Multi Highly Productive Semi Automated Compact Welding Carriage This machine has been replaced by the Wel Handy Multi NEXT Light compact all wheel drive magnetic force traction and a low center of gravity allows the Wel Handy Multi to achieve the highest pulling power and stability in the marketplace today Koike Aronson / Ransome Turning Rolls are engineered and built for the most effective positioning of long cylindrical work pieces Tanks pressure vessels and pipe are all well suited for industrial applications utilizing Turning Rolls Long awkward objects may be adapted to these Positioners with the use of false rings We are a manufacturer of high quality metal cutting welding and positioning equipment We have over years of experience and have one of the broadest lines within the industries that we serve such as Steel Service Centers Heavy Equipment Manufacturers General Fabrication Shops Power Generation Plants Shipyards and Offshore Pipe and Vessel Transportation and Educational Institutes