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WEL HANDY MULTI Multi Purpose Mechanized Welding Carriage Feature & Benefits Two Models Available Standard and Programmable Stitch/Tack Multi Weld Process Standard and Programmable Stitch/Tack Multiple Welding Options Twin Torch Weaver/ Oscillator Corner Welding Horizontal and Vertical Use Base machines can be used for out of position welds Light Weight at 7kgs 15lbs Makes transport and Description Carriage bottles carriage and Chainign kit for Mig Mag machines Compare this product Remove from comparison tool weave welding welding carriage HK SA Guide to Automated Welding In the right applications automated welding can substantially improve the quality productivity and profitability of manufacturing operations Despite this potential the welding process is often overlooked or ignored while manufacturers […] Read More January 7 The Importance of Good Weld PreparationGullco International is a world‑renowned manufacturer of automated welding carriages welding tractors cutting carriages welding automation and accessories By providing the welder with increased precision and control of the welding arc at a distance less time is spent close to the more toxic aspects of welding and cutting applications Gullco’s dynamic products allow configurations to suit any application Features ♦ Effectively cuts welding time up to 40% ♦ Adjustable frame for plates 6ft to 10ft tall 3m ♦ Unlimited tank diameters down to 20’ in diameter ♦ High / low rapid travel select controls ♦ Self propelled at speeds from 4 to PM ♦ Plates up to 2” thick ♦ Single and Double sided operation Koike Aronson / Ransome’s AGW Automatic Girth Welder is an automatic The KAT® carriage is used throughout the world to automate and improve the quality and efficiency of single or multiple arc welding or cutting operations Welding guns or cutting torches mounted on the KAT® carriage move along track at precisely controlled speeds along the desired path in forward or reverse direction SAM®Carriage Model GM 02 SAM®Heavy Duty Friction Drive Carriage for mounting customer& 39 s supplied single sub arc package Carriage specifications same as model GM 02 No welding equipment is supplied GM 02 SAM®Heavy Duty Friction Drive CarriageThe carriage follows the weld joint using guide wheels that adjust to allow the unit to drive itself against the workpiece Ideal for use with ESAB& 39 s GMAW power sources and with A2 A6 PEK Controller is a universal welding tractor for submerged arc welding SAW and gas metal arc welding GMAW applications