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Effects of Welding on Metallurgy IDepends on the alloy and welding process IIn general cracking is promoted by • stress concentrations • brittle parent material after welding low carbon steels • hydrogen in the weld metal • impurities in the weld metalpenetration groove welds the required weld size as de fined in this code Shop or working drawings shall spec ify the groove depths S applicable for the weld size E required for the welding process and position of welding to be used 2 2 4 Groove Welds Detail drawings shall clearly indi cate by welding symbols or sketches the details ofStitch or Skip Weld BMA Engineering Inc – 9 Basic of Welding • Structural welding is a process whereby the parts to be connected are heated and fused with a molten filler metal • Upon cooling the structural steel parent metal and weld or filler metal will act as one continuous part Thefield weld symbol consists of a flag that is placed at the intersection where the end of the reference line meets the arrow see Figure 10 5 1 AWS /A3 0 reproduced with permission from the American Welding Society AWS Miami FL Field Weld Symbols Figure 10 5 Field Weld Symbol Examples Weld All Around SymbolsMar 04 The weld symbol gives you information of the type of weld and is usually a part of the welding symbol The weld symbol is placed above the reference line of the welding symbol back to menu ↑ Basic weld symbols In the following chart you can see the basic AWS weld symbols groove symbols and also supplementary weld symbols Mar 08 AWS Weld Symbols Chart SPECIFIC LANGUAGE IN WELDING Now in welding there is a set of language that you need to accustom yourself it is the welding symbols A welding symbol is an effective way to communicate the weld necessity among workers A symbol that contains a few lines some weird shapes enough words but so much information A welding symbol is the entire image as it appears on a plan It includes information such as a reference line an arrow weld dimensions notes as well as the weld symbol A weld symbol is a single element that is part of a welding symbol It indicates what type of weld is to be applied to the joint Weld on site Staggered Symbol Symbol on base platform NO Title An Explanation of the Basic Welding Symbols With Charts Google Docs Author User Created Date Stitch Weld Options Dialog Box Stitch Type Allows you to specify the stitch construction option you want The options are Stitch Stitch Offsets and Offsets Only Dimension Style Sets the dimension style used for the fillet weld symbol This setting determines how the fillet weld symbol is displayed in the Draft document

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6 7 Welding symbols Welding symbols on drawings are to conform to AS 3 Graphical Symbols for General Engineering Part 3 Welding and Non destructive Examination The standard location of elements of a welding symbol is shown in Figure 6 7 1 Standard Location of Elements of a Welding Symbol Easily calculate the pitch between weld beads as well as bead quantities and lengths for your intermittent and stitch welding projects A basic weld symbol consists of three parts namely Arrow Line Arrow indicates the position of the joint The arrow points to one side of the joint This is called the ARROW SIDE and the side other than the arrow side is called the OTHER SIDE This article focuses on those welding symbols associated with typical applications with ASME Code items The Arrow The first element of a welding symbol to consider is the arrow The arrow is an essential part of every welding symbol and must point to the joint to be welded The stem of the arrow should not be a horizontal line on the drawing SYMbOLS fOR WELDS can be found in the American Weld ing Society publication Standard Symbols for Welding Brazing and Nondestructive Examination ANSI/AWS A2 4 98 This standard includes some very detailed weld symbols because it has to acco modate welding for a wide variety of materials not just structural steel 6 Fillet Weld Symbols Fillet welds are one of the most common weld types in the industry This weld is used when the joint has two members coming together to form an intersection of commonly 90 degrees These welds can be applied on varying angles but this would be the most prominent A fillet weld symbol can be used with an arrow side below The advantages of symbols 5 f3 Welding symbols 1 Butt/groove welds The butt/groove welding symbols are shown in Fig 3 1 a–h Figure 3 1 a illustrates a single V butt/groove weld which is the commonest form of edge preparation for this type of weld Figure 3 1 b shows a square butt/groove weld The welding symbol is a small drawing and is interpreted as a cross section of the weld The most common basic symbols to learn include Bead fillet Plug or slot Groove or butt The groove or butt is categorized into square V Bevel U J Flare V Flare bevel It takes time to learn all these symbols and the types they represent For example with a Stitch Weld where numbers are present on the Tail these will indicate the size of both the weld itself and the gap between the welds The Reference Line is always drawn horizontally and provides information on where all the other welding symbols are tied