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The welding head travels along the joint and welds it by single wire submerged arc Clamps are released and web is conveyed to the tacking fixture Welding equipment consists of welding head with flux hopper travel carriage controls and a 1 Amp power source The heavy duty box beam and precision track blade assembly is adjustable and repeatable for accurate alignment of carriage and welding torch There are two sizes of side beams A 12 inch blade is designed to support the Pandjiris 1 lb and 2 lb capacity carriages Intermittent Welding Techniques The first weld you learned is a string bead which is a continuous weld in a straight line An intermittent weld is where you make a weld for two three or four inches skip a the same distance you welded and then weld again or skip to the middle of your joint and weld Apr 14 Electron beam welding is a liquid state welding process Liquid state welding are those welding processes in which the metal to metal joint form in liquid or molten state This is also classified as a new welding process because it uses electrons kinetic energy to fuse two metal work pieces Weld carriages can be used for MIG TIG and SAW welding Besides lateral motion many weld carriages can be assigned parameters to control other variables in the weld process When determining the type of welding carriage to use in a particular application many options are available The guidance systems are based on trackless and track type You need to consider two things One is the type of weld and the second is the welding process In steel structures the most common types of welds are the butt weld and the fillet weld Welding Carriage Track Welder Welding Side Beam System and Stanchions MITUSA Welding Track Carriage Linear Rail Car Runner provides the most precise tolerances during the complete longitudinal welding process MITUSA& 39 s linear rail design track welders are well suited for all automated arc welding processes such as Sub Arc TIG MIG Plasma etc Shanghai Huawei Welding & Cutting Machine Co Ltd was incorporated at which is the leading enterprise in welding & cutting equipment industry Our featured products are flame cutting machine CNC cutting machine welding tractor beveling machine electrode dryer and oven Carriage Side Beam Welders Weld Plus stocks a wide variety of new used and rebuilt welding sidebeams from major manufactures such as Jetline Pandjiris Linde Teledyne Readco and Lincoln A few of the options we have available are beam and travel length beam height number and style of carriages and beam configuration

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Heavy duty side beam carriage suitable for multiple SAW welding heads and most options available on column and booms Features Cross beams available up to 4 ft Compare this product Remove from comparison toolJul 16 Electron Beam Welding Technique Electron beam welding are very specialised techniques They are extremely precise and require a lot of energy Electron beam welding is a fusion welding process in which a beam of high velocity electrons is applied to two materials to be joined The welding head travels along the joint and welds it by single wire submerged arc Clamps are released and web is conveyed to the tacking fixture Welding equipment consists of welding head with flux hopper travel carriage controls and a 1 Amp power source A flux recovery system is provided to dispense and recover welding flux Types of electron beam welding Electron beam welding machines are categorized according to the accelerating voltage the processing chamber pressure and the electron gun mounting position These differences affect the scale and manageability of the equipment as well as the welding processes that can be performed Aug 04 Most of the time additional filler metal is not required during these types of welding techniques Resistance welding and Diffusion welding are the examples of the pressure welding process Whereas In the Fusion welding process joining is done by melting the base metals in the area of contact Electron beam welding EBW is a fusion welding process in which a beam of high velocity electrons is applied to two materials to be joined The workpieces melt and flow together as the kinetic energy of the electrons is transformed into heat upon impact Mar 31 Laser Beam Welding LBW is a welding process in which heat is generated by a high energy laser beam targeted on the workpiece The laser beam heats and melts the edges of the workpiece forming a joint The energy of a narrow laser beam is highly concentrated at 10 8 10 10 W/cm 2 so a weak weld pool is formed very rapidly for about 10 6 sec Types of electron beam welding 1 Accelerating voltage high voltage vs low voltage The accelerating voltage significantly influences the output of the electron beam In general 2 Processing chamber pressure high vacuum vs low vacuum 3 Electron gun mounting position fixed electron gun vs moving electron gun Watch the promotional video for LJ& 39 s optional beam travelling carriage for column and boom manipulator systems Boom mounted carriages are ideal for MIG or submerged arc welding applications where boom space is limited Click to view and request a free welding automation consultation today!

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May 04 Laser Beam Welding – Equipment Principle Working with Advantages and Disadvantages Written by [email protected] Published on May 4 Laser Beam Welding is a fusion welding process in which two metal pieces are joined together by the use of laser Two pointed electrodes apply pressure and current to two or more thin workpieces Automobile industry Aerospace industry Resistance seam welding 22 RSEW Two wheel shaped electrodes roll along workpieces applying pressure and current Aerospace industry steel drums tubing Projection welding 23 the metal that is being welded and the joint type i e groove fillet etc dictates the welding parameters and the procedure that needs to be followed to obtain a sound weld joint Typical Arc Welding Processes Shielded metal arc welding SMAW Shielded metal arc welding which is also known as stick welding is the most widely used process Jan 28 Plug welds fillet welds bevel groove welds spot welds flare bevel groove welds J groove welds and melt through welds can all cerate Tee joints This joint is created by fusing together two plats at the right angle to each other You only need half the angle of preparation that is required for butt joints Jun 08 Welding is the process of joining two similar metals and it is applicable in most of the field like construction of bridges huge buildings railways roadways automotive and aircraft construction pipe lines tanks and vessels machinery parts This article deals with the classification of welding methods depending on the state of the material during welding plastic or pressure welding A machine carriage is the track to negotiate the weld line which could be either a rail mounted or tractor type movement Such a carriage could provide both horizontal and vertical movement to the welding head Orbital movement is also used to weld girth welds in pipes or any round objects such as pressure vessels tanks etc Welcome to Electron Beam Welding A leading edge electron beam welding company since we partner with our customers to provide high performance quality results The reputation of Electron Beam Welding LLC for excellence and competence remains the cornerstone for continued growth Learn More This 10 ft Linde Side Beam and Carriage Welding System is ready to be rebuilt with a welding process of your choice This side beam uses the very popular and heavy duty OM 48 Linde carriage Equipped with cam follower bearings and large cast wheels this carriage is tough enough to hold even the heaviest of welding processes 1 MIG Welding Technique MIG M etal I nert G as welding is usually the first type of welding that a trainee or apprentice welder will use 2 Stick Welding 3 TIG Welding Technique 4 Plasma Arc Welding 5 Electron Beam Welding Technique 6 Laser Beam Welding 7 Gas Welding Technique