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Gases used in welding and cutting processes include shielding gases such as carbon dioxide argon helium etc fuel gases such as acetylene propane butane etc oxygen used with fuel gases and also in small amounts in some shielding gas mixtures The LPG gas cylinder bottle works after being filled with the pressurised LPG The LPG turns back into gas as it exits the LPG gas cylinder bottle then passing through a gas regulator when the pressure is relieved by using some of the gas The days when every welder had to worry about filling two heavy cylinders with gas before work are long gone A smaller lower pressure cylinder of shielding gas is all the supply most people need Just be sure to check your gas cylinder before you work and dont forget your welding gas Here are some other related facts with the bottle recommendations based on the 1/7 rule Size 0 welding tip uses 1 7 CFH need a 12 CF bottle Size 2 welding tip uses 3 0 CFH need a 21 CF bottle Size 4 welding tip uses 3 0 CFH need a 21 CF bottle Size 0 cutting tip uses 7 5 CFH need a 53 CF bottle Jul 23 Welding Gas Burn Times Below is a list of welding gas types and approximate burn times This will help you guage how much welding gas you need to complete your project Burn Time Cylinder Size Welding Gas 30 minutes 1 acetylene oxygen Gas welding also called oxy fuel welding is a system of welding that uses one of various gases and oxygen to ignite a torch Welding is defined as the process of combining two materials usually metal by heating them until both ends become molten Filler materials are generally added into this molten material And the LWS charged me full boat for the & 39 special& 39 order 80 Argon is something like 36 I can get it cheaper from a gas supplier the 90/10 cost me something like 60 The only real question is how much gas are you going to use If your gas bill for a year is measure in go ahead and rent and get the biggest bottles you can handle Whether you require empty or full welding gas cylinders rest assured that you& 39 re relying on one of the top welding gas suppliers around Choose from % argon Argon CO2 blends or % oxygen cylinders If you need empty gas tanks you& 39 ll find a wide selection of acetylene tanks argon nitrogen helium tanks and oxygen tanks BLUEFIRE Solid Brass Jumbo Pencil Flame Gas Welding Torch Head Nozzle Upgraded Full Metal Version Fuel by MAPP MAP Pro Propane CGA Cylinder Bottle Torch Only 4 4 out of 5 stars 1 14 99