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A lot of less experienced welders seem to have issue with correct amperage for stick welding This is especially true if the welding machine amperage dial is out of calibration or if amperage values setting have been faded/worn off This technique will work no matter what class or diameter rod Mastering the Use of a Welding Rod Chart In the best welder rods reviewed below most come with welding electrode charts However sometimes it’s easier to use free online welding electrode amperage charts and downloadable PDFs Here are some helpful links to free welding electrode charts online Baker’s Electrode Amperage ChartHere is a detailed stick electrode welding amperage chart Whether you are a novice welder or a seasoned pro this chart is a handy tool to keep close while welding Typical GTAW WELDING PROCEDURES DCEN with EWLa 2 Truncated Conical Tip Filler Wire Size Tungsten Amps Volts Gas Cup Size Argon cfh Base Thickness 1/16" 1/16" 80 – 12 3/8" 20 1/16" – 1/8" Mar 19 You can use our electrode amperage chart to find out the correct amp range for a specific electrode and its thickness You might also find our welding calculators useful Electrode Amperage Chart Types and ThicknessesLearn more about welding product technologies and solutions and which products feature them Ease of Use Easier to use products through auto settings and better visibility Processes Stick SMAW Welding F −04 Guidelines For Shielded Metal Arc Welding SMAW For product information Owner’s Manual translations Welding rods are available in different amounts and it& 39 s a good idea to have both fast freeze and filler rods on hand My Old Arc Welding Chart Click Image For Larger View Below is an arc welding chart from my old files Feel free to view it or print it out Jun 11 Welding Rod Chart & Classification Welding is the process of fusing two pieces of metals also called workpiece together This is accomplished by passing electric current from the welding electrode to the workpiece that creates an electric arc The electric arc heats and melts the two metals together which in turn fuses the two metals

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Electrode Amperage Created Date 6/17/ 10 00 19 AM The welding rod By looking at the classification we already know that the welding rod is an all position rod which produces weld beads which can withstand 70 pounds of stress per square inch The last digit – when read in conjunction with the penultimate digit – indicates that it has an iron powder low hydrogen coating so arc welding rods are used in the pipelines and fills in the pipes It can be used to weld on direct current only and not on AC It provides excellent control of arc This rod gives deep penetration and works well in all positions Jun 08 Syncrowave Series Welding Power Source TIG/Stick/MIG Welding Amperage Range 5– A 5– A 20–90 A 5– A 5– A 20– A Amps Input at Parameter Chart Convenient compartment allows for easy storage of cables foot controls TIG Welding Publication Read Document AC Handles higher amp levels for magnesium alloys and aluminum alloys Nearly sixty years of experience have gone into producing these premium quality TIG welding tungsten electrodes and you benefit from that experience Print this selection chart and keep it in your workWhat Do the Numbers on Welding Rods Represent Number Format Numbers for mild or low alloy steel electrodes begin with an " E" prefix meaning " electrode" followed by a four or five digit number in most cases Tensile Strength Position Coating Extra Numbers and Letters Aug 05 Stick welding is a form of welding that uses electricity to melt a metal filler rod/electrode/stick electrode is the proper term that melts both the metal joint and electrode all at once to fuse two pieces of metal together and fill the joint with filler metal at the same time Jan 3 Printable charts shiowing the amps and tungstons you might select for various thiknesses joint types and materials The charts are intended as a starting point for beginner and intermediate TIG welders In turn the rod diameter you use depends on the thickness of the steel you are welding In general the rod is used with currents up to amps A rule of thumb is to use 30 amps of current per 1/32 inch of rod diameter That would mean using 90 amps of current on a rod that is 3/32 inch in diameter